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By These Hands Designs

By These Hands Designs was birthed in and operates currently out of our home in Belleville, IL. Our business is a product of hobby fueled by our desire to be creative and build a form of that creativity with our hands.

Handmade wreaths were the foundation of our business and gave us our start. Carmelita Watson can create beautiful forms of art that truly speak to our buyers. She has made wreaths for every holiday and occasion and has received notable praise for her luxurious wreaths.

“Wreaths are more than door décor; use them to style any part of your home, office, and business. Anything we create by our hands showcases our creative personalities. I like to think that what I create reflects my love for what I do. It sincerely is a piece of me in every design.” Carmelita Watson.

Because our youngest daughter struggled with eczema, she learned to handmake luxurious body butter which aided our daughter by easing her irritated skin and diminishing her outbreaks. This hobby began in 2017; Carmelita, a then stay-at-home mother of 4, made her first handmade wreath for her home. As Carmelita showcased her work via social media channels, inquiries followed, and fortunately, purchases followed shortly.

Take a look at some of the first few wreaths Carmelita sold

Before and during the pandemic, Jeremy Watson worked as a hotel General Manager managing some difficult times for the hospitality business.

Fortunately, within the first few months of the pandemic, the world offered most of humanity an opportunity to be still, focus on what matters, and change what needed to be changed. He took advantage of what the world was offering in its moment of stillness and quiet and learned how to build furniture. Yes, he saw pockets in his professional life that provided opportunity and time to learn a new craft, so he did.

In 2020, Jeremy purchased his first saw, his first sander, his first screwdriver, his first pile of wood, and he built his first sofa table. 

Jeremy sold that table which sparked a new passion. For the first time in his life, he owned saws and tools to build dining tables, desks, patio sets, entry and coffee tables, wall décor, and much more. The more he created, the more people requested to have customized pieces for their own homes, and the avenue the Lord opened up for them became apparent.

As the country began to return to travel in 2021, the hospitality field began to see guests return, conferences return, and sold-out nights return. The tricky part is that employees were not too eager to return, which makes it quite trying for those who had to work tirelessly to ensure hotel guests did not experience lack because of lack of staff. After much discussion, the Watsons prayed and ultimately decided to focus full-time on building By These Hands Designs.

“The sweat of my brow has to mean more. I can give my all to build another man’s dream, or I can put forth that effort to build my own.” Jeremy Watson

Jeremy left GMing hotels to pursue his entrepreneurial efforts fully. Therefore, By These Hands Designs, though established in 2019, became a legal and filed business in May of 2021.

Our name ‘By These Hands’ epitomizes how we do what we do. Our wreaths, body butter and scrubs, furniture, and décor items are all produced ‘by these hands’, which adds a depth of personalization and character that is our own.

The vision is clear, By These Hands Designs will soon be in a storefront. This storefront will house all of our handmade items under one roof, and our clients will be able to move about our store and choose a plethora of handmade items to make their home and/or business shine. Our successful storefront will give our children their first jobs, and it will employ others as we grow and expand. Our storefront is the avenue that will lead us to financial prosperity and get us to our ultimate goal of owning a bed and breakfast that is full of our handmade designs and touches.