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Listed are a very small sampling of what By These Hands Designs offers. Our site is meant to give you a landing place to explore and learn a little about of offerings. 

While we work on expanding our site and creating an avenue for purchases on our site, we do ask that you visit our Etsy page for a full listing of our offerings. 

Also, we both customize and ship to anywhere in the United States- so, if you don't see what you're looking for- we can make it for you!

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Visit Our Etsy Store


Visit Our Etsy Store


By These Hands Designs: Wreaths

Lemon Wooden Wreath


Fall Twin Swags


Magnolia Wreath


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By These Hands Designs: Furniture & Home Decor

Handmade Entrry Table


Product Name #2

Product description here...


Faith Love Peace Set

Product description here...


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By These Hands Designs: Centerpieces

Fall Inspired Pumpkin Centerpiece


Fall Well Table Centerpiece


Wooden Holders Centerpieces


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By These Hands Designs: Stove Covers & Serving Trays

Wooden Serving Tray w/Coasters


Blessed Kitchen Stove Cover


Love Stove Cover


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By These Hands Designs: Weddings

           Table Signs for Weddings


              Wooden Table Numbers


                            Wedding Sign


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By These Hands Designs: Whipped Body Butters

Handmade Body Butters

Handmade Whipped Body Butter

Handmade Whipped Body Butter

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